Project Detailed Data

Posted by BLDUP on November 22, 2020

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Project Detailed Data includes a multitude of data points on projects.  Watch the video below or view the info in this blog post.

HubSpot Video


Data points can include:

Height:  How many feet tall the building is.

Start Date:  When the project broke ground.

Acquisition Purchase Price:  The price the current owner purchased the project for.

Previous Owner:  The entity who owned the building/project/land before the current owner.

Previous Purchase Price:  The price it was purchased at previous to the most latest acquisition purchase price.

Sq Ft of Land:  The square foot of land the project is on.

Sq Ft of building:  The size of the building on the property

LLC Owner:  The entity the asset is currently owned under.  

LLC owner Phone:  The phone number of the llc owner.  Currently our content team is researching these numbers.

LLC owner email:  Email of a contact at the LLC.  We try to get an actual person but if we can't we will put in a business email.

LLC owner address:  Address of the LLC

Date Acquired:  This is the date the land or building was acquired

Previous Date Acquired:  The date the previous owner acquired the land or building.

Keys:  The amount of hotel rooms there are.

FAR:  FAR is a calculation called floor area ratio and it is calculated by dividing the square foot of the building by the sq. ft of land.

Building Cost per sq. ft.:  The cost to build the building divided by the sq ft of the building.  We get building costs from permits, submissions to cities and towns and mortgages.

Architect:  We will include architects name, email, and phone number.

GC:  We will include the GC's name, email and phone number

Developer:  We will include the developers name, email, and phone number.


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