Supercharging Sales for Material Suppliers

Posted by Clem on October 8, 2020

This is a video for material suppliers showing a few tips to help drive sales with BLDUP. I used to work in this industry and used BLDUP as a tool to keep track of my pipeline and find new leads. These tips should be useful for all core and shell and interior finishings material suppliers. BLDUP is the only site that tracks projects from land acquisition through sales and leasing. 

Following organizations helps you keep a close eye on the activity from the companies you care about most whether they are customers, desired customers, or even you competition. Following projects will give you updates on projects as they move through their lifecycle to keep you updated on the market and organize leads that may be too early for outreach. Both of these tools are unique to BLDUP and have proven to be highly effective for our customers. 

Business Intelligence is where to go to segment projects to find those most applicable to you. There are dozens of search segments to choose from and now additional filters so you can edit the info that's displayed for the projects. To make it a one stop shop, I recommend adding in contact info for all the project partners. As material suppliers, there are many ways to get your product specified for a job so it's worth reaching out to all the contacts available on a good lead. Before reaching out, I would always make sure to visit the project page and catch up on recent news so that you have proper background on the project you're trying to partner with.

Joining BLDUP PRO will help you with research, finding new business and marketing your company. Your company's tagged project profile will allow you to strengthen your reputation and improve your reach throughout the industry. How else will the industry know when you supply windows, lighting, counter tops, etc on the projects that are talk of the town? Let me know if I can help you figure out how you can leverage BLDUP for your business. Schedule a time on my calendar for a demo or to find out more about BLDUP PRO.


Watch the video to see these tips in action.

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