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Posted by Meghan Doherty on September 23, 2019

Have you googled your building lately? I would hope so as that is how renters and buyers are finding your property. Having worked in property management for over a decade I certainly understand firsthand the significance of your building's brand and online presence. A large majority of multi-family projects are now spending quite a pretty penny on branding, covering naming of the building to renderings, web design and social media. Much thought is put into tying the project to the neighborhood or history of the project site to ensure the brand will be unique and enticing to renters or buyers. The goal, pre-sales/leasing and perhaps a waiting list for your project.


The question remains how are you getting this brand to your potential customers or the brokers who are working with them? First, I am sure you will visit all your typical listing websites and pay top dollar for the Diamond or Platinum package which in reality is a must to keep your project at the top of the countless listings in the Boston area. However, if you are looking to cover all your bases, that quick google search will show that through BLDUP’s optimized SEO our project pages are very often some of the highest organic results on google.


Let’s check out a few examples. First, The Fenway Center, this high profile project, highly visible along the Mass. Pike will feature over 300 units expected to come online in the first quarter of next year. Not only does BLDUP come up first in this search but the project page on our site has had over 6,500 views this year alone.





How about The Beat in Dorchester. This commercial project will offer nearly 700,000 square feet of creative office space in the former Boston Globe headquarters. Again BLDUP ranks high in these search results and the project page has over 7,500 views year to date on BLDUP.










While our audience does include many construction, design or development teams we also see a sizable number of brokers on the site and those all-important potential renters and buyers as evidenced by the inquiries we are getting on a daily basis. Based on our top organic search results on google plus our early-stage information consumers are coming to BLDUP looking for rents, floor plans, completion dates and various other information about your building.


So how do you ensure your project page on BLDUP reflects your branding? It’s easy with In The Know! By verifying your company page and then your project, edits can be made to the project description, new photos or renderings added and you will get access to those valuable early-stage leads!


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