The Role of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Posted by Mike Farwell on October 31, 2019

Social Media has quickly become one of the most powerful tools in B2B Marketing. From LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more recently, Snapchat -- the ability to connect with large audiences and potential business has never been easier. According to a Google Study in 2015, “46% of all B2B researchers and buyers are millennials.” The audience that can make or break businesses live online and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, in 2017 Google determined that “mobile drives or influences an average of more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations.”

By now, if you haven’t already, need to ask yourself, “Am I maximizing my online and social media presence?” Whether you’re new to the market or an established player in the commercial real estate and construction industry, the ability to be found for new work, showcase your current work, or establish a reputation within the industry is invaluable. At BLDUP we have had clients and non-clients discover new opportunities through various social channels where they previously may not have been discovered.


Through our data platform, InTheKnow, we are able to publish the latest commercial real estate transactions, permitting, and financing news. Frequently, this information hits the social media channels before other publications within the industry and in many instances leads to conversations about potential work opportunities within an existing or developing project. According to KoMarketing, “the leading reason business buyers have limited engagement with B2B vendors is because marketers are sending them too much irrelevant content (34%).” BLDUP’s data isn’t cluttered with misinformation as everything we pull comes directly from town, city, and state governments. 

Social media is a powerful tool that every B2B company in the industry needs to leverage. In 2019, if you’re not on social, you’re losing business.

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