It's All In The Status

Posted by Meghan Doherty on March 3, 2021

BLDUP provides leads WITH context.  What does that mean?  It means that you get more than a name and a number.  The leads you get for an LLC owner, developer, architect or general contractor contain a name, email, phone number and address but so much more than that. 

You can see other projects that person or company has worked on.  You can see the companies they like to work with the most and you can see where their current projects are in the timeline of the development, otherwise known as the BLDUP status. 

The project status is so important because it makes the lead more valuable to the end user.  If you are too late, that's a past opportunity, if you are too early, then the data is not actionable today.  You want to be tracking business at the right time.  

We have been getting a lot of questions recently about the statuses we track and what they mean so we wanted to define each one for you.

(The statuses are listed in the order they happen)

Acquired by Proponent - This is the earliest status that we have.  This is going to show you land or buildings that have recently changed hands.  Whenever you get a new owner there's usually opportunity coming after.

Development in Planning/Letter of Intent - These two stages are also early in a new project's timeline when the developer is just beginning to discuss plans for a site.

Under Official Review - This stage covers projects that are currently being reviewed by the city/town zoning/planning board.

Project Approved- Projects in this phase have been approved by their city or town zoning/planning board but have yet to start construction. We often refer to this as the "money phase" as there is ample opportunity here for various stakeholders to get involved before the development breaks ground.

Building Permit Issued/Demolition/Initial Site Work/Foundation Construction - All early stage phases in the construction process. Later stage subcontractors will often check projects in this status to find potential upcoming jobs as work is just starting.

Under Construction - This phase includes active construction projects currently undergoing work such as framing, window install, rough in, etc.

Interior Finishing - As a project nears completion and teams move onto the final finishes the BLDUP team will update a project to this status to denote that milestone.

Construction Complete - Once construction has wrapped up a project will be changed to the complete status. You can also find completed projects that have been recently refinanced under this status.

For Sale-  Now you can list buildings or land for sale on BLDUP so the industry can find your opportunity.

By searching for projects at the stage that is ideal for your firm, you can ensure the leads you are finding on BLDUP are high quality, not just a random list of names and numbers. 


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