Get Granular. BLDUP is Data That's Actionable

Posted by Diana Van Etten on May 18, 2021

Can you have too much of a good thing? 

Having too much of the wrong data is just as bad as not having access to the data you need.  BLDUP gives you only the data you need - and helps you Get Granular. Segment data down to the lowest level of detail and get information that can inform immediate action.  This is far more valuable than a broad-spectrum approach which values quantity of data over quality. 

Improve Your Efficacy and Efficiency by Increasing Data Granularity. 

There's no shortage of data for the CRE Industry, but data without actionable insights is of little value to your company.

BLDUP allows you to apply multiple filters to your Business Intelligence - from Sector to Status... or Location, Project Start Date or Date Acquired... and then add dozens of additional filters to get the most granular, most actionable insights and targeted opportunities.  BLDUP leads are more valuable because they are actionable today.  

You have probably created multiple Business Intelligence segments using Location, Project Status, Market Sector, or SQFT of Building.  But BLDUP gives you greater granularity with extra filters such as Leasing Status, Fitness Amenities, For Sale Condo Developments and/or Apartments, and Number of Units or Number of Studios or 2 Bedrooms.

Here's an example:

Maybe your business is looking to target new office / flex space opportunities? 

As the pandemic slows down, co-working will become relevant again. Multifamily developers see co-working amenity space as important for their buildings and communities.  You can add a Co-working Spaces filter to your Business Intelligence. BLDUP helps you get to that granular level.

Here are just a few of the Extra Filtering Options for your Business Intelligence:

  • Apartment Units Available
  • Building Cost/SF
  • Acquisition Purchase Price
  • SF of Acquisition Building
  • SF of Acquisition Land
  • Commercial Parking Spaces
  • Final Affordable Units

Know More. Profit More. 

BLDUP gives you data with enough specificity and insight so that your actions and outreach are clear to decision makers.  Granular data helps you align opportunities with your strengths and capabilities.  Drill down on the details of each opportunity to perfect proposals and sales pitches that win deals with ease and speed.

The BLDUP team is here to help you Get Granular! 

Please reach out to for a Get Granular conversation today!  








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