Build Influence.

Posted by Diana Van Etten on April 14, 2021

Cutting-edge technologies in real estate have disrupted the way business is conducted in our industry forever. 

BLDUP is leading the change for CRE with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that powers our platform and transforms non public data into actionable information - winning highly valuable deals for our customers.

Beyond research and business development, BLDUP helps you Build Influence.

BLDUP is the ONLY Research, Relationship and Marketing technology that will amplify your content and Influence key B2B decision makers with credibility and authenticity - all on a single platform.

People and businesses are spending more time online and on social media platforms than ever before - to stay entertained, informed and connected while socially distant.  The change and disruption from 2020 is playing a huge role in shaping the future of how companies market and sell their products and services. 

The importance of having a digital presence has never been more evident to companies both big and small.  While Twitter and Instagram are good for building brand awareness, BLDUP's value is unmatched. 

Be Found. Amplify Impact.

BLDUP project pages are some of the highest organic search results on Google.

Below is a Google search example for Lynnway Park.  In January 2021, the owner of the flagship Garelick Farms plant at 626 Lynnway sold the property to a venture between BLDUP Customer, A.W. Perry and Novaya Real Estate Ventures.  In March 2021, A.W. Perry announced that BLDUP Customer, Integrated Builders was chosen as the GC for its Lynnway Park redevelopment. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.12.05 PM

Advanced Analytics.

BLDUP receives hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors - many of whom are visiting your BLDUP pages.  Use BLDUP's advanced analytics to get a detailed look at how and when users are visiting and interacting with your business and project.  Verify that you are the owner of your organization to start tracking your projects, properties and impact. 

Tag Projects. Leverage Relationships. 

Claim all of the projects that you have worked on to showcase your portfolio. Take credit for what you have done and be found by the data associated with those projects.

When you tag your business to a project on BLDUP you are instantly associated with every professional and organization related to the project.  These are people who know and trust you.  Leverage your established relationships to influence decision makers on deals you want to win. Your potential customers rely on relationships and influencer opinions when choosing business partners, products and services.  Building up your relationships and influence on BLDUP is an easy and cost-effective win for your project or business as it has a higher ROI than social ads, SEO/SEM, and email marketing.

Below is an example of a project portfolio for EMBARC. EMBARC is tagged to the recently approved project, Terrazza at 8 Delanson Circle, Wellesley, MA.  This 35-unit development by Delanson Realty will feature 4 stories of development facing Linden Street in Wellesley Square next to the MBTA Commuter Rail station.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 12.35.55 PM

Create Brand Advocates.  Build Influence. 

Don't wait for customers to find your digital properties - go out and reach them. 

Your audience wants to know that not only are your products and services top-notch, but that the people running your business are socially conscious and supportive of trends and movements beyond your brand.  Create and share content that ties into a trending topic, share blog posts, earned media, virtual event recaps, reports., etc. - all on BLDUP.

The BLDUP team is here to help you Build Influence. Feel free to reach out to us for help using any of BLDUP's marketing features.  We can help you tag projects, brainstorm content, write and post blogs. Reach out to us at and




















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